Unbroken Bones exists to realize the artistic and spiritual vision of founders Elizabeth Champion and Kelsey Cratty.

We are passionate about theatre because every show is an unrepeatable experience that bonds all present, on and off stage, in a unique way. Live performance immediately makes its content more personal than watching a video and more tangible and alive than reading a book. The most“alive” material we know is the living word of God, and the story most worth telling, retelling, and proclaiming with all that we are is the Gospel.
Join us for a full-length, spoken word drama of the Gospel of John. Blending our training in theatre arts and our passion for the Gospel we aim to entertain and inspire. This high-energy performance is an engaging way to experience the Scripture.

We will be touring churches, seminaries, universities, and more seeking to proclaim the Good News to as many people as possible. 

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