Wait and See

When God calls us to obey, we often do not get to see what will follow. But his call is all we need. He is good and we can trust him… wherever that leads us.

In the case of this “Gospel of John” tour, we began our adventure as if blindfolded. Aside from a few peeks here and there, that is how we have continued. All we get are whispers. Memorize John 14… Okay. Memorize all of John… Really? Okay…. Let go of Micah… But God! What about the boys? I have them; they are mine. Give me your future… Okay, it’s yours… (I could go on, of course, but you get the idea.)

Whispers in the dark. For some reason after each step of obedience, I assume the next whisper won’t be “as hard” to follow. But somehow, even after seeing God come through every single time, my faith is still stretched. Every. Single. Time. Both in waiting for a whisper and in following when one finally comes. Why? Well, as my mantra has become these days: life feels like one giant faith rehabilitation program. Not too far off from what Jesus tells us if you ask me. When the Jews came up to him asking “What is the work of God?” Jesus answered, “This is the work of God, to believe in Him whom he has sent” (John 6:28-29). Believing in Jesus–this is far more than just a one-time seal the deal for my salvation sort of a thing. Rather, believing in Jesus is a way of life. That’s our road, and though his way is narrow, his way is freedom.

And so, this blog. What is it for? To let you in on our adventure with him. We trust that the Lord will show up. Every. Single. Time. And he will even use our failures and turn them into blessing (just like he did with Peter and his 3 time denial around a charcoal fire… Jesus later reinstated him with a 3 time confession of love around–you better believe it–a charcoal fire). And we hope that as we are vulnerable with all our ups, downs, joys and sorrows along the way, that we can mutually encourage one another’s faith together as we watch how the Lord always comes through for those who wait on him.

And so… we wait.

Kelsey Cratty
Spoken Word Performer

(One of the main things we are currently waiting for: a stage manager. Yup, moved here without one. But God has really impressed the word “wait” on our hearts, that He is working behind the scenes. And even though it is “crunch time”, we are waiting on the Lord and trusting that he will fulfill his promise to us. God will come through!)

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